What makes us special?



Are you the kind of person who cares about your attire? There’s nothing like betting on timeless designs—when it comes to the classics, you can’t go wrong… they're always in style. Beautiful fabrics reflect the willingness to invest in resources and a commitment to achieving excellence. But in the end, quality is all that matters, and that's why extremely well-made pieces always endure the test of time.


We believe our clothing is a reflection of who we are and what we believe. We are inspired by go-getters who are too busy building their dreams to spend ridiculous amounts of money on expensive clothes, and who understand the horrors behind fast fashion. Cake For Monarchs is this wild dream founded in the belief that it is possible to dress and feel like royalty at a fair and reasonable price.

Why Cake for Monarchs?


There is something that every heroic warrior has in common: The Kingly Attitude.


Our Monarchs come in all shapes and forms: from the hustling entrepreneur to the dreamer fighting with heart and soul to achieve greatness. Our brand is inspired by these visionaries who have the Kingly Attitude and are willing to make the sacrifices necessary to conquer their dreams and attain victory with honor and glory.


And the cake? Well—what kind of triumphant warriors would we be without a symbol of celebration?