Piece of Cake

While you're out there grinding and rocking your new jacket, you're also helping out a kid in need to get an education.


When it comes to dreamers, it takes one to know one—while everyone else is complaining and looking for excuses, the ambitious are out there driven by their hunger, finding opportunities in the hardest places. There are kids out there who, just like you, are working really hard to make things happen. Help us support them by giving them a chance to quit working in the garment industry and abandon the factories to go to school.


For every jacket sold, we will donate US$10 (ten US dollars) to help children escape the harsh working conditions they're on by using the money to replace the salary they had at the factory, allowing them to go to school while continuing to support their families.

This opportunity is for those kids that are willing to earn it. To keep receiving economic aid, they will need to maintain a good academic performance.


«Every dream comes from within, but it is up to us to seize

the opportunities and fight with nobility to achieve them